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Literacy Circles: Update


In today’s post I will be talking about different kinds of characters,  classify the characters in my novel, update you on what is going on, and make predictions.

There are two different types of characters in a book. One is called a round character, the other kind is a flat character. A round character is one who is very central to the story, otherwise called a main character. We get to know their personality in depth, and they become familiar to us. A flat character is an unimportant person that we don’t get to know, they are just there to make the story believable. They are kind of like an extra in a movie. We sometimes don’t even hear them speak. We know little about their personality and they usually don’t affect the story in a major way.

In the novel that I am reading, there technically aren’t either of these types of characters, because it is a true story and all of these people were real. They weren’t just spoken about to make the book interesting, they just weren’t spoken about a lot. But, the characters could be put into those categories based on who we know the most about and who we don’t.

Round Characters:

Anne Frank- It is her diary, and we hear all of her thoughts and opinions. Most important character

Margot-She is Anne’s sister and is in hiding with her. We often hear Anne complaining how people like Margot better than her.

“Mummy”- Anne is constantly complaining about how she thinks her mom isn’t a good mother, so we hear much about her.

Father AKA Pim- Pim is Anne’s favourite person in her family so we hear about him a lot too.

Mrs. Van Daan- Anne doesn’t like her. She is a mean lady and starts lots of fights in the house. She is the subject of many diary entries.

Mr. Van Daan- He is in hiding with all of them, but we don’t hear about him as much

Peter- He is the Van Daan’s son. He is sixteen and we often hear about things he does.

Flat Characters

Mr. Koophuis, Miep, Henk, Ellie-they are all friends that brings the families food and supplies. They are workers in the office buildings they are hiding in.

In the book, the author (Anne) introduces us to the different characters by her comments and descriptions of them. Hers is the only point of view we ever hear. Sometimes we hear about others characters through accounts that Anne gives of things that happen. She repeats passages of dialogue exactly as they were said, and relays the story to us through her eyes. Although, her opinions could be biased in her favor.

An important event in the book that required the characters to work together was whennthey first came to the hiding place. First, the Frank family had to contact the friends from work to if they would help them. Then they had to slowly start smuggling their food and belongings into the hiding place. This required the Franks to get the thinggs ready and the helpers to put it in the office. Then, someone had to find another family that could stay there and get their things ready. This happened at this part in the story because their goingnthere was the thing that set the stage for the rest ofmthe book.  This happened in 1941 over a period of weeks. If I were Anne in this situation I would be afraid. If things had gotten to the point where it was neccesary to go into hiding then that means that things were bad and I was in danger. I would be very afraid of getting caught by the Germans. I woild also be reluctant to give up the privileges I enjoyed in everyday life. Seeing friends, and abundance of food, school, going outside, it woild all be lost. I would also be curious as to how long we would be in hiding for.

In the book, what I predict will happen next is that their food supcplies will become dangerously low. They are always eating food, but it is constantly rising in price. Ration cards are becoming difficult to find. The people who bring them food must be more careful. I think they will be going hungry for awhile befoee food becomes cheaper or easyto get.

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“Literacy Circles: Update”

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    Nice post. It was a good idea to mention little facts about the characters.

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