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Challenge Nine: A picture is worth a thousand words


For challenge nine, we were instructed to write a short story describing what is going on in this picture, so here is mine:


        My breathing came in quick, short gasps. I was sure if I didn’t calm down I was going to hyperventilate  I closed my eyes and took a few short breaths, going to my “happy place”. Everybody else was just as nervous as I was, but they didn’t dare make a sound. My Mother and Father stared out the dusty, cracked windshield of our our Hummer, like robots. My sister sat in the seat beside me, staring solemnly at her lap. I knew it was silly, nobody was following us as far as we were concerned. So why the silence? I think nobody wanted to say it out loud, because if we did then it would suddenly be real, not just some bad dream. Oh, but it was real alright. Our family fleeing Syria to go be refugees. Us getting separated from my grandparents. Being chased down by soldiers. We knew the road ahead was going to be tough. But anything was better than staying home, wasn’t it? My body was stiff from our long drive and my eyes ached from all the crying I had done. I knew it wasn’t very manly to cry, but surely exceptions could be made in scenarios like this, could they not? Like grandfather always said “Tears show a man’s compassion.” A pang of sadness came, and a lump rose in my throat. Grandfather. Now that we were separated, we would probably never see each other again.  Suddenly, there was something up ahead on the empty dirt road. An old sign. As we drove past it, my mother gave a sudden gasp. “We did it!”  My sister lifted her head. “What?” she asked quietly. “We made it across the border, children!” My father said, with a happiness in his voice that I hadn’t heard in ages. The atmosphere in the car changed as we looked out our windows. We still had a long way to go before settling down as a happy family, and we had no money or belongings. But I knew we would somehow manage.  Suddenly, I noticed something in the sky. “Look, a rainbow!” I cried. We all looked up. And I knew, that now all the suffering was over. I new that this was a sign from above. We were all going to be okay now.


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  Challenge 9

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“Challenge Nine: A picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. November 27th, 2012 at 7:10 pm      Reply atm2017 Says:

    Hi my name is Autumn I’m from the United States. I think this story is very interesting. Also I think you are very good at creating stories. How did you come up with this story? You should visit my blog sometime

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