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Halloween is fast approaching! What are you going to dress up as? Are you doing anything special?  Do you have any special traditions? leave your answers in a comment below! Image source: FlickrCC

Blended Learning, Geography, Activity two, Assignment three


  Activity two, Assignment three   1a) According to the population pyramid, the largest ten year age group in Canada in 2006 is 40-50 year olds.  There are about 100 000 men aged 40-50, and about 110 00 women aged 40-50. The skills that this age group can offer our country are that they are […]

Challenge 4: Which Website?


Hello blogging world! For challenge 4, we were given a list of websites to look at, and say which one we liked the best. I chose this one. This link takes you directly to a part of the website where you can virtually tour some of the  most famous attractions in Egypt, like the sphinx, the […]

Biography of Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa By: Natalie      It’s the year 1910, and there were many big things happening in the world. China had ended Slavery, Haley’s Comet had made it’s 29th appearance to us on earth, father’s day was celebrated for the first time, the Union of South Africa had declared itself independent from Britain and the […]

Challenge Three: Tourist attractions in Ontario


Tourism is all around us. It can be something as simple as going through a museum, or something as big as traveling to foreign countries to look at monuments and statues. In Ontario, there are many places tourists can go to see some interesting things.  One cool tourist attraction close to where I live, is […]

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