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Challenge Three: My Widgets


There are hundreds of thousands of widgets in the world. Some are for websites, others are for phones, but they all serve a purpose. To make the place where they are put better or more entertaining. I have a few widgets on my blog, and here I am going to talk about them.

The first widget I have is a Pac Man game widget. I got this widget because I wanted to have a game widget that would make my blog more entertaining and to make it stand out. I thought that if people had something fun to do on my blog, they would want to visit it often. Click Here to get this widget.

Another widget I have is a flag counter. This is a widget that tells me how many people have come to my blog, and it shows me the flag of the country that my visitors are from. I got this widget because it is kind of cool to see if you are getting noticed by people around the world. It is also handy to see whether or not you need to try to get more people to visit your blog. I like this widget, and every day I come on my blog to see if people from new countries have visited my blog. I have currently had people from six countries come to my blog; Canada, USA,  Australia, Great Britain, Ukraine, and Malaysia. Click here to get this widget.

I have the edublogs student challenge badge on my blog to show that I’m part of the student challenge. It can be helpful when you are visiting someone’s blog to know if they are taking part in the challenge. Click Here to get this widget.

Then, the other widgets I have are just a calendar and blog roll. These are available already in the widgets panel. I have a calendar because I am always forgetting the date. It is helpful to know what day it is,  in case I need to write it. I have the blog roll so that when people come to my blog, they can also visit my classmates blogs. This can help my friends have more traffic on their blog.

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Challenge Three

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“Challenge Three: My Widgets”


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